Greetings and welcome to my website!

My name is Viktoriia, I am a landscape architect. In 2006 I graduated in forestry from St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University named after S.M. Kirov. My total relevant professional experience is 14 years. This includes 5 years of employment in landscape design companies and 9 years of private practice. I have considerable experience in the design of various landscapes ranging from 100 square metres to 8 hectares of area size. There were over 50 projects accomplished.

My key goal is to create a modern and comfortable garden that you would be proud of! In my design process I adhere to principles of aesthetics and functionality of the environment. I do not like typical design and strive for unique solutions for a specific place and people. I derive mighty inspiration from my native northern nature and beautiful examples of landscape architecture in other countries.

I am happy to help you not only in your garden development but also to work out phytodesign for private interiors and public spaces, balconies and porches. I also supervise the process of creating a garden, select an assortment of plants, buy and plant them, take care of my client's gardens.